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How was your experience with Impact Rehab and Sports Medicine?  We would love to hear from you.  Please submit a review of Impact Rehab and Sports Medicine by clicking the "Review Us" button below.

During the past three years I have had three back surgeries and one hip replacement. Following the surgeries, I had several weeks in physical therapy at Impact. Each time I took the prescription from the referring doctor to Impact, I was given an appointment very soon. The therapist always performed therapy in a professional manner and a positive attitude.  There was a feeling of caring, kindness and efficiency always. I highly recommend therapy at Impact Rehab.

B. Coe

I've had the opportunity to witness the quality of Impact Rehabilitation in two different areas; as a patient and as the supervisor of Pre-Physical Therapy Interns from the University of Montevalo (UM). As a patient I witnessed Mike and Heather's knowledge and encouragement which got me back into an active lifestyle sooner than I anticipated. Their passion for physical therapy and professional expectations allowed them to prepare several UM interns for a future in the physical therapy profession.

Carolyn Kirby

Supervisor of Pre-Physical Therapy Interns (UM)

"They are doing me a world of good on my shoulder and are very likely to keep me from a surgical solution. But if not, I'll go back to them for my rehab after surgery too!"

Rex B.

Pelham, AL

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